Pokemon Go Location Spoofing Apps

FlyGPS, TuTuApp and GPS JoyStick – Some Best Pokemon Go Location Spoofing Apps for Gen 2

Pokemon Go has been a popular game that has indeed reached a cult status. Of course, the game expects you to move around the locations to find the Pokemon around you and catch them to proceed in your game. However, the couch potatoes that we are, we do not like moving away and that is precisely why people have been checking out the Pokemon GO location hacks and GPS spoofing apps. We will check out a few Pokemon Go Location spoofing apps.

Pokemon Go Location Spoofing Apps  – Why would You Need Them?

Are you looking for the best location spoofing apps for Pokemon Go? Maybe you are also wondering the need for these apps and hacks. And yes, this article is about the Pokemon Go Gen 2. We have had several apps that have been helpful in location spoofing.

However, the recent Pokemon Go updates have been targeted to the spoofers and scanners who have been using the location spoofing for gaining access to the location. Niantic has released the latest updates referred to as Gen 2 update and has dealt a death blow to several location spoofing apps. The changes made to the Pokemon Go API have made use of any location spoofers practically impossible.

This has necessitated the need for location spoofing apps for Pokemon Go 2. Of the apps, we have checked a few apps and spoofers and found a few of them found working seamlessly. A few apps worthy of attention would be FlyGPS, TuTuApp, and GPS JoyStick, also much better than pokemon go trackers, and pokemon go sniper apps.

Let us check out these three apps and analyze them.

TuTuApp For Pokemon Go

Tu Tu App has been one of the most popular alternative app stores you would find either for Android or iOS. Launched initially as TuTuApp in the Chinese language, it has now been renamed to TuTu Helper and made available for the International community.


TuTuApp for Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular and efficient location spoofing apps for Pokemon Go. The functionality of the location spoofing as observed on TuTuApp has been slightly different from the rest of the apps. In fact, the app offers you a slightly modified version of Pokemon Go by making use of a native joystick and location spoofing algorithms.

You can check out the hacked version of Pokemon Go on TuTuApp. You can access TuTuApp on your Android or iOS. In fact, for detailed information, you may refer to our tutorials on how to install TuTuApp on Android and iOS. You can get TuTuApp from TuTuApp VIP. Once you install the third party app store on your device, search for the Pokemon Go app in its modded version and install it as you would normally do.


FlyGPS is undoubtedly one of the best and excellent options you can check out if you are trying out the Pokemon Go location spoofing apps for Gen 2. The app has been around since long and has been one of the widely used location spoofing apps for Pokemon Go.

Location spoofing apps for Pokemon Go

You have access to an on-screen joystick just like the one on TuTuApp APK. You can use this joystick to move your character on the screen, catch Pokemon and visit PokeStops. Do all this from the comforts of your couch. Apart from the option to spoof location and catch Pokemon, the app also lets you save favorite location, check search history and location search. You should practically be able to move your character to any part of the world and catch Pokemon.

GPS JoyStick

This is yet another app that works on the similar lines as TuTuApp and FlyGPS. One of the perfect Pokemon Go location spoofing apps , GPS JoyStick uses the overlay JoyStick for mocking the location and catch Pokemon.


The GPS JoyStick is an app that offers you flexibility at the ultimate. You can search for the location by search parameters. You may also pin point to a location by means of longitude and latitude. Your current location can be identified by your device GPS. The app can also be used by means of the location history mode.

GPS JoyStick does come with additional options as well. You may use three different speed options for moving your character in search of Pokemon around you. You may also opt for your normal pace as well if you so please.

Any Issues With Location Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go?

One of the most common issues you may face while using the location spoofing apps for your Pokemon Go App is the Rubber Band Issue. What exactly is this error? Well, you have spoofed your location and moving around in search of the Pokemon. All of a sudden, you are teleported to your real location! This happens as a result of the fact that real GPS overrides the fake GPS.

How would you fix this? Well, by stopping GPS signals from reaching your phone. Choose a location where you have no GPS signals. The best one would be to lock yourself in a room without Windows. Set your GPS accuracy to only GPS, not High Accuracy.

Conclusion Regarding Pokemon Go Location Spoof Apps

How about these Pokemon Go location spoofing apps for Gen 2? Are you using any of these apps to spoof your location while playing Pokemon Go? If you have, we would love to check out your opinions and experiences. TuTuApp, according to us is one of the most promising apps that would help you have access to perfect location spoofing on your device. Use it once and you will find your self.

FlyGPS, TuTuApp and GPS JoyStick – Some Best Pokemon Go Location Spoofing Apps for Gen 2
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