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FastPokeMap Alternatives – The Best Alternative To Pokemon Go Scanners

Have you heard of FastPokeMap? Well, it is one of the most popular Pokemon tracking services. Have you used it before? However, the service has been forced to shut down or is available with much difficulty. Looking for FastPokeMap alternatives? This is the best place for you to look for them.

FastPokeMap – What It Is?

Well, as you might have already guessed right, FastPokeMap is the Pokemon scanner you can use for the Pokemon Go app. Just like the other alternatives you have in the form of PokeAdvisor and PokeVision, you can use FastPokeMap for tracking the Pokemon around you.
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Niantic has recently been cracking down on the Pokemon trackers and scanners. During the early days of 2017, a few security features were rolled out for the Pokemon Go game. In fact, these updates have secured the game servers from these third-party scanner apps. In addition, the developers have also ordered all the third party scanners to cease. This has forced almost all the Pokemon scanners to shut down.

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FastPokeMap – The Features

FastPokeMap makes it one of the best options if you are looking for ways to scan Pokemon around you. Though the scanners have been forced to shut down because of the strict policies put forth by Niantic, the FastPoke Map can be made to work. Here are a few features that would make it an interesting option –

  • The app can scan any Pokemon in your vicinity.
  • Pokemon can be found in the walkable distance.
  • You can enter your location and search for Pokemon in that area.
  • The app also shows the duration for which the Pokemon will be available.

Top 5 FastPokeMap Alternatives – A Formidable List

Worried about what we described in the above paragraphs? No need to worry. We have compiled the best alternatives for the FastPokeMap so that you are not left with no Pokemon scanners at your disposal. Here is an updated list of FastPokeMap alternatives.


It is indeed a real-time tracker for Pokemon PokeFetch. However, it does not fetch all the details from a single service.

It scans the information about the Pokemon around you using the third party reputable scanners. Most of the services available on the PokeFetch are free. If you like you can opt for the premium service.The premium service will offer you an on-demand service to scan Pokemon from any part of the world.

Check it out at


This is an app that lets you scan the Pokemon around you, and comes with a notification when it finds a Pokemon around you. It keeps scanning the surrounding in the background.

In fact, you can gather information about the Pokemon around you instantly. There is no need to rescan again and again. The background scanning avoids the need for constant rescanning. The app is available for Android and lets you scan Pokemon around you with the least bit of effort.

Get it on PokeAlert


This is yet another Pokemon Scanner app for your Android. Now that you have gone through a couple of Pokemon Scanner apps already, it should be evident what PokeWhere does.

Yet again, the PokeWhere Pokemon scanner is available for Android device. Scan and check for the Pokemon around you in real time. You can catch the rare Pokemon by an efficient scanning with ease. Get a feel for the scanner at PokeWhere. It is indeed the best FastPokeMap alternatives you can opt for.

Map Pokemon

Map Pokemon is yet another among the best FastPokeMap alternatives you can opt for. It offers you multiple functionalities apart from just scanning for Pokemon around you.

Map Pokemon can also scan and alert you about Pokemon, PokeStops, and Gyms. What makes it more reliable is the fact that it works through the crowdsourced model. The app remembers the Pokemon that the other users have marked. That is precisely what has made it the best option.

Find more information about the app on MapPokemon.

Concluding Thoughts On FastPokeMap Alternative Sites | Apps Like FastPokeMap

Well, Pokemon Go has been an excellent game and one of the most popular at that. Searching for a Pokemon the regular way should be the best way you would be used to enhance the gaming pleasure. However, using Pokemon Scanners may be what would enhance the pleasure further. Whether you use FastPokeMap or any FastPokeMap alternatives, do share your experiences with the Pokemon scanner apps and sites with us.

FastPokeMap Alternatives – The Best Alternative To Pokemon Go Scanners
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