Samsung sidesync app

Samsung SideSync App – An Excellent File transfer Option

Do you own a Samsung smartphone and looking for the simple file management functionality? Well, Samsung SideSync app just the tool that should meet all your needs. In fact, more than just being a file management app, it works as your best option as the screen mirroring tool for your Samsung device. Launched along with Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6, the Samsung SideSync app lets you share the data seamlessly between your Samsung Galaxy device and Windows PC.

What is the Samsung SideSync App?

Well, we have already made it clear, isn’t it? It is a convenient toll on your Windows-based laptop or computer that will help you mirror your screen on your computer.

Samsung sidesync app
You can use it for a host of functionalities on your computer, without the need to touch your smartphone. The wireless file transfer application should one of its kind and aids you in a secure file transfer needs. One of the features that would make it a great option is its faster performance in comparison to the similar apps available from third-party sources. Samsung claims that it offers you a speed that is 200 times ahead of the competing apps like Xender or AirDroid.

What Can You Do With SideSync App?

The SideSync APK comes with a host of functionalities. Some of them can be listed out as

Mirror Your Screen to Your PC

This is probably the best feature offered on your Android device. You can mirror your entire your screen onto your Windows desktop. Moreover, unlike the other screen mirroring apps, you would be able to interact with the phone screen right from your Windows device.
Put simply, the app lets you control the smartphone from within the Windows ecosystem.

Control Your Phone with Mouse and Keyboard

Using Samsung SideSync app, you will be able to control your phone with mouse and keyboard. Wary of using the small screen for typing those long messages? Why not opt for the keyboard and mouse for typing them in right on your Windows PC?

Share Files Between Samsung and PC

This is yet another important feature offered by the SideSync APK. It enables quick sharing of images, videos and music files easily between your phone and computer.
It comes with the simple drag and drop functionality for transferring your files. No more complicated copy and paster options.

How To Download Samsung SideSync App?

Well, the app is officially available on Samsung website. Just visit the official link for Samsung SideSync download it on your Windows PC. You will also need the companion app on your Samsung device so that the PC can detect your device. The Android application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Configure the apps both on your Android device and Windows computer for an efficient file transfer performance.

Samsung SideSync App – A Tool Beyond Capabilities

Yes, it is indeed a great option in its own right. An exceptional choice for all the needs in working towards an efficient file transfer between your Samsung flagship and Windows computer. Use it once and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

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