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Android is an open source operating system and thus has a host of apps being launched for it quite frequently. However, the official app stores may not list all your favorite apps. That is precisely what brings up the concept of third-party app stores. TuTuApp Store is one of the great options in terms of opting for alternative app stores. You can find links to download tutuapp from below.

Why do you need TuTu Store App?

There can be several reasons why you would need a third party appstore apps like TuTuApp on android / iOS. Your official app store may not have your favorite app listed on it. It could also be the case that your phone does not have access to Google Play Store, or any other app store depending on your phone and operating system. In fact, even some custom ROMS on android won’t have Gapps installed, in such cases, it is easy to find best apps on tutuapp after you download and install the tutuapp apk.


Whatever be the reason, Download TuTuApp, or TuTuHelper as it has recently renamed itself to, is an excellent app that would help you download apps for free. Let us go into the details of TuTuHelper App for Android and iOS in the following paragraphs.

TuTuHelper App – What exactly is it?

TuTuHelper is an alternative app store. It has been widely known as TuTuApp for long, while it was rechristened to TuTuHelper only recently.

TuTuHelper has been one of the most popular alternative app stores for Android and iOS as TutuApp VIP for quite some time now. The app traces its origins to China and has been widely used in the Chinese region. Sensing the importance of going international, they recently launched themselves in in English. If you are looking to download paid apps for free on your smartphone – whether iOS or Android – TuTuHelper is the best option for you.

TuTu App has been known for its ad-free versions of games and apps. In fact, TuTu app rose to its present fame, thanks to being the first app store to offer the modded version of Pokemon Go, Spotify ++, Whatsapp plus. It offers you a few features that you would not find in any other app stores. Actually, one of the features that would make it a great option is you can install it on a rooted or unrooted Android device. As for iOS, you need not be jailbroken to download TuTuApp installed on your iOS.

Salient Features that make TutUApp A Good App Store

The discussion above might have made you understand the essence of TuTuApp and the benefits that it offers you. What are the features that make TuTu App Store one of the great options for you? Is TuTu App a good option? How to download TuTuApp? We will find out these features one by one.

  • You can set up your own app store on your iPhone or Android devices.
  • TuTu App lets you download any of your favorite apps for free. The best feature that makes it worthy of its name is its ability to let you download even the paid apps for free.
  • TuTu App also brings a few extra tools with it. Some of the additional tools included in the package are Cleaner and Toolbox. The Cleaner is an app that would help you in deleting the junk files, clearing cache, clearing up the RAM and aids in other optimization tricks. The toolbox helps you improve your battery performance.

What we liked the most about this app is a good deal of hacked versions of the popular premium games that TuTuApp offers you. In fact, TuTu App developed a modded version the well-known game Pokemon Go with built-in pokemon go trackers. You would be able to play the game without the need to go outside to search for your catches.

If all this discussion has made you opt for the TuTu App, you can check out the TuTuApp Android download or iOS version on the TuTu Helper repositories. Check out the on how you can Download TuTuApp for free. 

Is TuTu App Download Safe and Secure?

We have already gone through the complete details of TuTu Helper. But, is it safe to use it? Maybe a good question. But, not easy enough to answer.

The reports state that the TuTu Helper app requests a few strange permissions. Since the app is an app store, TuTu App requesting permission for making calls or sending/receiving SMS appears a little strange. It can be a concern for your privacy. However, we have not found any reports about this permission affecting any of the TuTu App users.

Having said that we would also hasten to add that if you are too much concerned with your privacy, you may have to decide against installing TuTu Helper app on your phone. In any obvious cases if tutuapp not working as in you get revoked tutuapp errors, then try to uninstall tutuapp apk and install updated tutuapp apk, it will solve the revoke tutuapp issue.

TuTu App or TuTu Helper is the best option whether you are on Android or iOS. It extends its periphery beyond what Google Play Store or iOS app store has on offer for you. It is still in need of development, but the high number of paid apps that it offers for free should be something that goes in its favor.

Parting Thoughts

Well, we hope we have clearly explained the principles and the usefulness of TuTu App, or TuTu Helper alternatives. We expect you are convinced you to try it out once. The best part of this alternative app store is its availability across multiple platforms. You can install it on your iOS, Android devices and on your PC as well. Keep using it and you will definitely notice the benefits that the tool has on offer for you.

And when we talk about the hacking options that TuTu Helper app offers you, we cannot stop talking about the Pokemon Go Hacks that it has for you. And what makes the hacks available on TuTu App more practical is the fact that the hacks are built within the game rather than having any need to install or apply the patches externally. The tools that come pre-built with the app help you get better performance out of your device.

That is all we have with this piece of information. However, keep visiting us for further information and additional articles in the days ahead. We will soon post tutorials on how you can easily Download TuTuApp for Mac.

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Download TuTuApp – Your One Stop Solution for Paid Apps Download
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