Top 7 Apps like TuTu Helper Alternatives For Android & iOS

A smartphone has been one of the essential elements in today’s day to day life. But, what would you use the smartphone with? Well, apps and games, what else..! All the major operating systems have their own official app stores – noteworthy and effective among them being Google Play Store and iOS App Store. However, there are reasons you may look out for alternative app stores. TuTu Helper is one such popular alternative app store for Android and iOS. TuTu Helper has been so popular that it has prompted a host of third-party app stores. What are the best TuTu Helper alternatives? We will find out the alternatives to TuTu Helper.

TuTu Helper Alternatives – An Overview

For those who are unaware of what TuTu Helper is, it would be a great idea to give an introduction to TuTuApp app VIP. Yes, TuTu Helper – in its earlier incarnation was known as TuTuApp. It is a third party app store for Android and iOS platforms.

Originating from China, the app had been available only in the Chinese language. It grew popular with the hacked versions popular Android games and apps. What makes TuTu an excellent option among the alternative app stores is the sheer number of paid apps that are available for free on the platform. TuTuApp Pokemon Go Hack was what made TuTu Helper a popular app store. You can head on to the official website of TuTuApp App to get your version of the TuTu Helper for your respective platforms. Download TuTuApp as you have the options of TuTuApp iOS or TuTuApp APK depending upon the operating system you are on.

Incidentally, it would be worthwhile to note that Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular hacks that have been available on TuTuApp app. If you are interested in TuTuApp Pokemon or similar games – free TuTuApp is the best place you can go for.

However, there may be certain issues you may have with TuTu App and you are looking for the alternative to TuTu, there are a few apps like TuTu Helper which can replace free TuTuApp with an almost equal functionality. The following paragraphs can be helpful in that direction.

TuTu Helper Alternatives – A Top Five List

TuTu Helper, or TuTu App as it was previously known as is an excellent alternative app store for your Android and iOS smartphones. In fact, we have not found any issues affecting the functionality of the app. However, in the extreme cases like tutuapp not working or tutuapp not installing on your mobile, where you would need to look for the alternatives – here are our top picks for the same. Before trying these alternatives we suggest you uninstall tutuapp upfront.

#1. vShare

If you are on iPhone or any other iOS device, vShare should be your prime choice. The app can be used install any of the paid apps for free on your iOS device with ease. If you miss TuTuApp for iOS, vShare is your best alternative.

TuTu Helper alternatives
In fact, vShare works without any need for jailbreak. In addition to providing you the best ever paid apps, the tool also lets you have a backup option as well. The backup option lets you sync your data music, documents, videos, and images. It is one of the best alternatives for TuTu Helper app. The app is available only on iOS. Install vShare on your device and enjoy the world of premium apps without spending any money.

Check the app here: vShare.

#2. AppCake

The app is available on Android and iOS. AppCake is the app store that lets you create your own store. In fact, anything and everything can be shared with others. Appcake is one of the best alternatives for tutuapp for android.

TuTu Helper alternatives

AppCake is a unique app store that can be used to share even your own apps if you want to. That is precisely what has made it one of the most popular app stores. The user interface is one of the best. The AppCake is one of the best TuTu Helper alternatives and you should find it as the best in place of TuTu helper.

#3. Hipstore

Here comes yet another popular TuTu Helper alternatives for iOS. The app had been one of the popular on the official app store.

TuTu helper alternatives

It lets you download and install a host of premium apps for free. What makes it one of the prime third-party app stores is that the store does not need you to register with an account. You will be running all the tasks anonymously. And then, each and every app in the app store is completely free.

#4. Apptoide

Apptoide is the best app store for Android platform. The developers claim it to be the largest marketplace when it comes to the Android third-party app store.

TuTu helper alternatives

Apptoide lets you create your own app store wherein you can publish or share your own apps. It has a good number of paid apps that are on offer for free. In fact, some developers publish their apps on the Apptoide even before publishing it on the official app stores. The app store has its database updated on a daily basis. Download Aptoide for Android or iOS today and you will never regret it.

#5. Tweakbox

Tweakbox is the best third-party app store available both on Android and iOS. In fact, it is one of the excellent TuTu Helper alternatives whether you are on Android or iOS.

The Tweakbox is one of the lesser known alternative app stores. However, it has gained popularity in the recent times after is added the famous and popular games like Minecraft and NBA to its listing. We would definitely advise you to give it a try.


Like TuTuApp, this is yet another alternative app store from China. The app store is available in the Chinese language, and thus could be a concern.

However, the app offers you an option for changing the language to English. The language may not be a perfect English but offers you an adequate understandability. 25PPor PP25 is a third party app store available only on iOS platform. The app has been made available for the latest versions of iOS platform. One of the advantages of using the 25PP app store is the lack of need for jailbreak.

#7. Tongbu

Tongbu is an app store that would let you connect your devices to computers or laptops. Sharing your files should be a cakewalk with the app.

The app store lets you search for the new apps. Finding an app should not be a concern either. You would be able to find any app without hiccups. And yes, it would be a little worthwhile to mention that the app store is completely legitimate as the app developers have official permission for hosting their apps on the store. Then there is another advantage that would do away the need for jailbreaking your device if you are looking to install the app store.

Final Thoughts On Tutu Helper Alternatives | Apps Like Tutu Helper

TuTu Helper is indeed a great third-party app store and it has gained popularity because of the modded versions of the games that it offers you. Pokemon Go is one of the well-known modded versions of the game that has catapulted TuTu Helper, or the earlier TuTu App to the status that it enjoys today. However, if you have any issues with the TuTu Helper for any reason, we do think that the TuTu Helper alternatives listed in this article should provide you the best alternatives for you. These are the alternatives for ios/android, and for mac we suggest you to check out tutuapp for mac.

Have you used any of these alternatives? If you have, do share your views with us. If you think we need to update the list with any other missing alternative app stores, you may share your preferences as well.

Top 7 Apps like TuTu Helper Alternatives For Android & iOS
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