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How to download TuTuApp For Mac

TuTuApp is the third party App Store that has gone quite popular over the past couple of years. In fact, the popularity of TuTuApp has more to do with the fact that you can get paid apps for free on this alternative app store. Isn’t that quite wonderful that you will be able to have access to all your favorite apps without having to pay even a penny? That is what TuTuApp or TuTuHelper is all about. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms. You can also install it on your Windows PC as well. How would you install on your Mac? We will cover this aspect in today’s post.Let us check out how to get TuTuApp for Mac.

TuTuApp – A Little info About It

Well, you have already got to know what TuTuApp is all about. It is an alternative App Store, for almost all available platforms like Android, iOS 11, Windows, and Mac. You can go through our full review on tutuapp.

TuTuApp for Mac

Initially available only in the Chinese language, the app rose to the present state of popularity, thanks to the hacked version of Pokemon Go that it came up with. Sensing the need for reaching out to the International community, the developers made the app available in the English language as well and renamed it TuTuhelper. Now you have TuTu app English.

The app has several excellent features that would make it stand apart from the rest of them. A few features that would make it a force to reckon with include

  • It lets you set up your own app store on your device.
  • Download any of your favorite apps for free.
  • It packs in a few additional features apart from being just an app store. The Cleaner and Toolbox are a couple of features that would provide a few extra features. Clean up your device, delete junk files and do a lot of things with the Cleaner tool. The Toolbox offers options for optimizing the performance of your device.If you want to install it on your Mac device, you may not be able to do it directly. Maybe you will need an emulator of sorts. Let us check out how we can do it in the following paragraphs.

If you are facing any issues with TuTuApp installation, you may refer to our tips on resolving TuTuApp Not Working issues.

How To Install TuTuApp For Mac?

Well, here are two methods that can be used to install TuTuApp for Mac with ease. For any obvious reason, you are unable to install tutuapp or tutu app is not working, uninstall the old tutuapp and reinstall the new version, most probably it will solve your issue. Please note that TuTuApp is not available for Mac officially.

Method 1 – Install TuTuApp on Mac Using Installer

You may need to download the file for the installer from third-party sources.

  • Download the TuTuApp Installer for Mac from reliable sources. You may also use the link presented at the end of this section as well.
  • Click on the TuTuApp Installer to begin the installation.
  • Let the installer download TuTuApp onto your device.
  • Once that is done, connect your iOS device to your Mac.
  • Tap on Trust This Computer on your iOS device when you see a prompt for it.
  • Tap on the Installer on your device and tap on InstallOnce the app is installed on your device, you will find a green tick indicating that the installation has been completed.

Method 2 – Install TuTuApp Directly On Mac

Well, this will involve downloading an emulator for installing apps on your Mac. You may consider any of your favorite emulators. We would, however, take the example of Bluestacks Emulator. Here are the steps involved in the procedure-

    • Launch Safari browser on your Mac. You may use any of your favorite browsers, but Safari should work more effectively.
    • Download Bluestacks for Mac from the Bluestacks site.
    • Install Bluestacks Emulator on your Mac.
    • Now download TuTuApp APK from TuTuApp official site.
  • Save the APK file at an appropriate location on your computer.
  • Launch Bluestacks App Player and locate TuTuApp APK from within.
  • Now, install TuTuApp from within Bluestacks.

That should do it. You have successfully downloaded and installed TuTuApp on your Mac.

Is There Anything Else We Need to Know?

Not exactly. Just be aware that TuTuApp is not available natively for Mac. It is available as an app only for iOS and Android as native app stores. That makes it a little difficult to get it on your Mac device and using it natively may not be an easy task.

TuTuApp has recently launched a native application for Windows. We would definitely look forward to a similar move with respect to Mac as well. However, there is no word form the developers of TuTuApp about making that possible anytime soon. So, until the time TuTuApp releases TuTuApp for Mac, we may need to be content with the above methods.

Final Thoughts On TutuApp For Mac | Apps Like TutuApp

Well, you might have used Cydia tricks on your Mac and other Apple devices. If you are expecting the same kind of performance on TuTuApp, you may not be happy with the results. Many of your Cydia tricks do not work here, but TuTuApp is the best source for getting the paid apps for free.

We are sure you have understood how to install TuTuApp for Mac as we featured here. If you have any kind of queries, you can share them with us.

How to download TuTuApp For Mac
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