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Photos and videos play an important role in our lives. In fact, for some of us, photos and videos tend to be the sole representative of their being. Gone are the days when we used to depend on point and shoot cameras, get the film role developed and then enjoy those images. Not anymore. The advanced smartphone cameras have changed everything that we were used with respect to videos and photographs. Instagram has provided us a unique way to share our special memories. With over 700 million users globally, it has been one of the great tools for sharing your photos and videos for anyone following your account. How about an added ability to the already powerful photo sharing app? Well, we are talking about the tweaked version of the Instagram app – the Instagram Plus. Let us analyze the app in a finer detail.

Instagram ++ – An Able App

Yes, Instagram ++ is the tweaked version of the official Instagram app. The app is available only on TuTu app store. After Pokemon Go hack app, TuTuApp is presenting you a modded version of Instagram.The tool is meant to make a huge difference and is sure to make it a rewarding experience to use Instagram.

Instagram ++

TuTuApp VIP, if you are unaware, is a third-party app store for Android and iOS. It offers you a huge deal of paid apps for free. Initially available as an app in the Chinese language, the app has risen to the popularity – thanks to the hacked version of the TuTu app Pokemon Go Android. Sensing the need for catering to the international community, TuTuApp launched TuTu app English. Rechristened as TuTu Helper, the app has now grown to be an efficient alternative app store for both Android and iOS.

Features Of Instagram Plus That Make It Stand Apart

Well, Instagram ++ offers you several options that you would not find the official Instagram app. Some of the features that would make it a great choice can be summarised as –

  • You can hide your personal information on your Instagram Plus profile.
  • It lets you customize the timestamps and the format.
  • You can show high definition images in the thumbnail view.
  • Instagram ++ lets you customize the feed type as either thumbnail and feed.
  • You can hide all the comments when you are in full feed mode.
  • There is a built-in share option to share media as you would like to.
  • Instagram ++ lets you download the images to your iOS Camera roll quite easily
  • A simple double tap option for whether sharing or downloading your images and videos.
  • There is no need for jailbreaking your iOS device if you want to install it on your iOS smartphone. You don’t need to root your Android as well if you are installing it on your Android.
  • The app also lets you have access to either your complete feed or thumbnail.
  • You can hide your bio from your profile. This would be helpful in keeping your private information safe.
  • Instagram++ would be helpful in hiding and showing the comments on your profile.
  • Download the media to your camera roll directly.

You would probably understand the additional functionality that the tool offers you over the official Instagram app.

How To Download Instagram + +?

Well, the hacked version of Instagram, the Instagram ++ is available only via TuTuApp. So, you will need to have access to TuTuApp on your device – whether you are on Android or iOS. You can go through the steps involved in downloading and installing TuTuHelper on your smartphones in our detailed guides for Android and iOS devices.

Once you install TuTuApp on your devices, you can launch your TuTuApp and then search for Instagram ++. When you get the option to install the Instagram ++, just tap on the link to download the app onto your device. Enjoy the added benefits of your enhanced version of Instagram.

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What Makes It an Interesting Option To Install Instagram ++?

Well, Instagram ++ offers you all the features available on the official Instagram app. Apart from the regular features, the modded version of the app offers you an added advantages over the official app.

Instagram ++ is the tweaked version of the official Instagram app and offers you a host of excellent features. In fact, it has the ability to use it on your Android device without root and iOS device without the need for jailbreaking it. That should make it one of the features that would make it an interesting approach.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it does not need you to jailbreak your iOS device, or root your Android phone. You can safely use download and install the app on your phone and enjoy the additional benefits that it offers.

Here is a video to show how useful TuTuApp can be in installing TuTuApp on your Android –

Final Thoughts On Instagram Plus App

Well, Instagram ++ is indeed a great app that enhances your experience of Instagram and offers an improved functionality for your photo and video sharing experiences. However, do note that you will need to install TuTuApp if you really want to enjoy Instagram ++ on your Android or iOS devices. Thus, once you install TuTuApp on your phone, it should be quite easy to access Instagram++ and similar other excellent apps available for your pleasure.

Installing TuTuApp should not be a concern, though. However, if you are facing any issues in installing TuTuApp, you may refer to our tutorials to address the problems you may be facing. In any case, download TuTuApp on your device and enjoy all your favorite apps including Instagram Plus and share your experiences with us.

Instagram Plus on TuTuApp
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